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Erwin Adam, AMP

The Adam family has been involved in the administration of private mortgage funds since 1966 when they invested in private mortgages along with like minded friends and associates.  

Erwin started in the family business of Accounting and Mortgage Portfolio Management in 1981.

Tapp Financial Inc was created in 2007 out of the desire to become a full service public mortgage brokerage, while maintaining the administration of private mortgage funds.

Tapp Financial Inc has direct access to the board of directors, "The Decision Makers" of five distinct private mortgage funds to give you some of the most competitive rates in the private mortgage industry.  In fact, many other brokers work with us to access these funds for their clients.  Tapp Financial Inc also has access to Chartered Banks and Credit Unions as well as Alternative Lenders.

Erwin will work for you to find a creative and ethical solution to your financing needs.

Proud Member of:

11083 Shaw Street, Mission, B.C.      Office:  (604) 826-2577   Fax:  (604) 826-3115

Toll Free in British Columbia 1 (877) 826 3155    Toll Free Fax 1 (877) 700 3115